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Sign-Up for Medicare or the ACA Now

You only have until December 15th — Act Now!

It’s that time again!

Did you know that you only have a limited time to enroll or change your Medicare plan?

The dates run from October 15th to December 7th.

What does this mean to you? You have the opportunity to shop and switch your current plan or enroll for the first time, in either a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), a Prescription Drug Plan, PDP (Part D), or a Medigap supplement plan.

Some of the basic benefits include covering the 20% of your Medicare costs that the government doesn’t pay for, and then there are additional benefits like dental and vision and other extras that might interest you.

Also, has your favorite doctor or medical facility stopping working with Medicare? You might consider a change if you want to look for a new doctor or clinic.

Maybe you want the freedom to go to any doctor, anywhere, without a referral…  You CAN do this!

It is worth looking into your options and deciding if NOW if the time to make a change!

NP Financial has been in the insurance business for 20 years, so you can trust you are getting some great professional guidance.